Skaska Designs Limited

Handcrafted Orenburg Knitted Lace
with Galina Khmeleva

Until recently, the specific techniques for hand knitting Orenburg lace were passed from generation to generation, within the family structure, by word of mouth only. There existed no known record of comprehensive written instructions, patterns or designs. This meant that if the current generation of young women lost interest in learning the craft, it would most likely succumb to age. 
Galina Khmeleva set as her personal goal and dedicated her company’s resources to keep Orenburg’s legacy alive. Hence, Skaska Designs developed a series of Orenburg knitted lace workshops and seminars and traveled the US and Canada since 1996, presenting its programs to textile enthusiasts.


All About Us

Galina Alexandrovna Khmeleva

Galina Khmeleva is a Russian American artist and former student of Olga A. Fedorova, the famed Orenburg Lace expert. For the past 30 years Galina has worked to build her business in the U.S. teaching and promoting easy to knit, heirloom quality pieces. She is a huge proponent of U.S. grown fibers such as; cashmere, cashgora, Pygora, bison, qiviut, and paco-vicuna. She has been featured in PieceWork, Spin Off, Knitter’s, and Cast On magazines all while traveling locally and internationally to promote her craft. She has also published two books through Interweave Press, Gossamer Webs: The History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls, and The Gossamer Webs Design Collection. When not knitting and teaching, Galina enjoys tending to her many and varied plants throughout her garden.

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