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To order products, contact Skaska Designs at (970) 224-5117 or LACEMAIL@SKASKA.COM.

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Orenburg Shawls & Scarves    
Orenburg Shawls & Scarves are Skaska’s signature product. They are authentic, handknit & handspun.
Cashmere & Cashmere Blends Cashmere & Cashmere Blends
80% silk/20% cashmere
100 gms/1600 yds
JoJoland Yarn JoJoland Yarn
100% cashmere
50g/440 yds
52% cashmere/48% silk
50g/440 yds
JoJoland Yarn
100% fine Merino wool
50 gms/880 yds
Belisa-Fine Australian Cashmere Belisa-Fine Australian Cashmere
Skaska Designs is the exclusive US distributor for Belisa Cashmere.
100% cashmere (cones)
100 gms/1000 yds
Belisa-Fine Australian Cashmere  
100% cashmere (skeins/variegated)
50 gms/500 yds
Belisa-Fine Australian Cashmere
55% silk/45% yak - 100 gms/1650 yds
55% silk/45% angora rabbit
  100 gms/1540 yds
55% silk/45% camel
  (natural & white) - 100 gms/1650 yds
60% silk/40% bamboo
  100 gms/1800 yds
70% silk/30% cotton
  100 gms/1760 yds
Windy Valley Muskov
Windy Valley Muskox
45% qiviut/45% merino/10% silk
laceweight: 1 oz/436 yds
fingering weight: 1 oz/218 yds
15% qiviut/80% fine merino/10% silk
1 oz/218 yds/fingering wgt.
50% fine Merino
50% Tussah silk
  (50 different colorways)
JaggerSpun / Zephyr Yarns
100% fine Australian merino wool
50gms/770 yds
100% natural spun silk
skeins 120/2 - 6000+ yds

Windy Valley Muskov
Addi Turbo Lace Circular Needles
  (0-4 US)
DP-8" Steel Needles
  (00-2 US)

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